A new way of seeing nature

Our services

A few of the services we offer. Please contact us to discuss your needs:

Expert Advice:

  • Expert advice on nature-based projects, programs, policy and planning matters
  • Independent reviews of reports, scientific advice, project proposals and applications
  • Grant writing support and grant assessment and review

Social and Ecological Research:

  • Reviews of the evidence base to support policy and programs
  • Social surveys and urban landscape assessments
  • Social-ecological data analysis, spatial data analysis, statistical analysis, e.g. tree climate assessments, vegetation and planning maps, socio-economic analysis

Engaging the public (and professionals):

  • Supporting community engagement processes on nature-related policies and programs, codesign of nature-based solutions
  • Seminar and workshop presentations, workshop facilitation
  • Teaching and training on social-ecological systems such as urban forests, public parks and reserves, biodiversity conservation reserves and residential gardens.

We provide advice and research to support your nature-based solutions, urban forest and biodiversity policy, planning, program and assessment needs.