Expert advice and independent assessments

Good policy, strategy, programs and planning decisions should be built on the best available evidence, and benefit from unbiased, critical assessment and review. We can help by providing expert advice, independent assessments, critical reviews, strategic insights and problem solving.

Our Expertise

Dave has a PhD from the University of Melbourne on social-ecological systems in Australia. He has worked as a scientist at the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria (in the Australian Research Centre for Urban Ecology) and as a Research Fellow in Urban Ecosystems (The University of Melbourne) and Senior Lecturer in Environmental Management (University of Tasmania). Dave has an international scientific reputation and published over 80 peer-reviewed articles in international publications and has delivered invited presentations at dozens of national and international conferences and workshops.

His expertise has been recognised with appointment to Australia’s Threatened Species Scientific Committee (2015-2019), the Technical Advisory Group for the Living Melbourne Strategy, the coordinating committee for the global NATURA network, and as codirector of the Oceania hub of the global Urban Climate Change Research Network.


Dave has:

  • provided expert advice to the Minister for the Environment as a member of Australia’s Threatened Species Scientific Committe (2015-2019), advising on matters relating to the listing of threatened species and ecological communities and key threatening processes.
  • reviewed project proposals and reports for State (e.g the Victorians Valuing Nature project) and Local (e.g. Melbourne’s Urban Forest Strategy) Government, and NGOs (e.g. the Living Melbourne Strategy for The Nature Conservancy and Resilient Melbourne).
  • reviewed funding proposals for national (e.g. Australian Research Council) and international (e.g. European Commission) funding bodies.